Anne Chudobiak

Anne Chudobiak

Anne Chudobiak is rarely photographed alone. It's a phase she's going through.

She is a member of the Canadian Writers Collective.

Blog entries:

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House for Wayward Mothers: Toronto Chapter
A Treatise on Thwarted Ambition
Au Lit, On Dort and Eye of Cat
Out of the Neckhole
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You, Me and the Dalai Lama
Blog, Blogger, Paradise
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This Week Thus Far
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Stupid Hot
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A Reading
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If You Know Me, Don't Read This
In Some Places, You'd Go to Jail for That
One Week, Two Firsts
Summer Fiction Issue, Cont'd
Hockey Night in Outremont
Outbound to Alewife
Can you hear the drums, Fernando?
Workshop Dynamics in the Home
This Gun's for Hire
Writing and/or Life: Orhan Pamuk and Lisa Moore
Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Maybelline
A Tourist's Guide to Glengarry
QWF Awards Gala [insert year here]
Rare Books Library After Hours
You're a Pisa Work, Lady Godiva
The Egyptian Tradition of Yoga
How to Write a Short Story
Deem me Ready
Special Message to the Editor
The Elusive Mary Mance
Two Esmés--with Love and Squalor
Summer Fiction Issue
Books for Babies
Editors Wanted (Wikipedia)
Synchronicity, the bad kind
Where are they now and what are they wearing?
Submission Guidelines: Maisonneuve
Lessons in Publishing: The Continuity Girl

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